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Our main product is ridiculously tasty, freshly made kettle corn. You can find us at various venues throughout Northern California. If you can't make it to an event - we'll pop it fresh and send it to you.

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We were surprised to find that we were getting many leads from Yelp, so thanks to all our customers who have given us such positive reviews. Unfortunately, we can no longer officially offer free bags for a review - apparently this violates the Yelp user agreement. You do, however get our grattitude!

Farmers Markets or other public event inquiries are welcome

We are prompt, clean and priced fairly.

Any large gathering can be enhanced with the fun and flavor of kettle corn. People love to watch it being made, and its always best when served straight from the popper. A more detailed page on our private events is in the works, but for now, you can simply contact us for an estimate based on your estimated head count.

We are happy to help you and participate in your good cause.

We can either pop at your fundraising event at a discounted fee, or help you by providing low costs on bulk kettle corn that you can re-sell to raise funds for your charity.